Winston Churchill: the price of greatness is responsibility

Welcome to the security service of UATL® Corporation.

services established
ISO 9001
The first private Security agency ISO Certified
professional licensed agents
field experience of every agent
equality policy constantly followed

The security service is enforced with 30+ licensed security agents, males and females, age from 35-40 and average experience 20–25 years on the field.

The service consists of the internal unit and the affiliated company Baron Investigative Group (reg.1994, USA). The security services in the territory of the European Union and the United States are carried out directly by themselves, in the territory of other states by the forces of subsidiaries or contract organizations.

The security service provides its customers with targeted spectra of professional integrated solutions, with some of the elements of which can be found below.
The activity is based on a full set of licenses both for the company itself and for special admissions of managers, including Mr. Teider, Mr. Craig Dierlamb and Mr. Jerry Harst.
The security service has passed the management audit and is certified ISO-9001.

The security service has had experience of analytical planning of security level B2G, for example, in the formation of autonomy, holding a referendum and acquiring the status of the state of Southern Sudan.
Mr. Dierlamb personally supervised over 20 years of technical security for top executives of Exxon Mobil.
Mr. Jerry Harst has 30 years of impeccable service in the special forces of the police and has moved to the private sector on a length of service.

Licenses of Baron Investigative Group

Private Investigation license
Security license
Instructor license

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