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Welcome to the security service of UATL® Corporation.

services established
ISO 9001
The first private Security agency ISO Certified
professional licensed agents
field experience of every agent
equality policy constantly followed

The activity of the security department (est. 1994) is based on a full set of licenses both for the company and for special admissions of managers,
including Mr. Kristian Teider, Mr. Craig Dierlamb and Mr. Jerry Hurst.

Mr. Craig Dierlamb personally supervised over 20 years of technical security for top executives of all Exxon Mobil Africa locations.
Mr. Jerry Hurst has 30 years of impeccable service at special forces of Indiana police department before he joined our team.
There is a team of more than thirty fully equipped, armed and experienced licensed security agents in service, males and females,
age from 40 with (average experience over 20 years).
Unfortunately we do not declare more detailed information about agents for security reasons.

The services is targeted primarily to the preventive analytics and preventive security.
There is some fields to mention as most provided in the year 2018:
The corporate IT- and HR investigations and security.
The personal relocation and witness protection licensed services.
Lost, stolen and unpaid aircrafts location and reposition to the owners (primarily leasing companies and banks).

The security services can be provided for qualified clients primarily in the United States and in the European Union.
The territories of other countries are covered by the forces of subsidiaries or contract organizations.
The department and security management processes are ISO-9001 certified and holds all government licenses.

Licenses of Baron Investigative Group

Private Investigation license
Security license
Instructor license

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