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May all who enter as guests leave as friends.
Welcome to Mr. Teider’s UATL® Corporation.

Mr. Kristian Teider, CEO and founder of UATL® Corporation welcomes you at the corporate website.

UATL® Corporation (est.1989) is based on Teider’s family foundation and after 35 hard-working years represents 42 international companies, private research university with 106 patented solutions in medicine and high energy physics, operated in-house infrastructure for legal and financial processes internationally.
Legal department with UATL® LAW FIRM and TEIDER LAW FIRM INTERNATIONAL is developed and leaded by Mr. Teider as his first degree was international, corporate and tax law and his PhD is in history of economy. The legal department extended practice to the field of art law (since 2006), patent law (since 2008) and aviation law (since 2011).

The traditions and experience of several generations of lawyers and judges as Teider’s private family library with over 6000 antique classic legal books in original (mostly 19th and 18th century) allows to have the solid ground floor for high level of competency.

Theoretical and scientific work of Mr. Teider and his colleagues today represents three books on final:

  1. Criminology: “classification of PTSR and post-traumatic syndromes of minors witnessing crime scenes” is research in the field of victimology (the study of the victims of crime).
  2. Art law: ”The methods of recognising the fakes art and fake certificates of european art from 18th and 19th centuries”
  3. Social science: “The colors of lie, the smell of fear and the test of truth” is the work to recognize the borders between the individuality as a fact and individualism as a factor.

Aviation department operating five corporate airplanes including ultra long-range trijet Dassault Falcon. The corporate flight school and airplane repair station in Florida allows to maintain airplanes and train pilots in house.

The partners of UATL® corporations are primarily top international law firms like BALLARD SPAHR LLP (USA, est.1885), KLASKO LAW LLP (USA), Drystone Chambers (London, UK).

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