Winston Churchill: the price of greatness is responsibility

May all who enter as guests leave as friends.
Welcome to Mr. Teider’s UATL® Corporation.

UATL® Corporation is designed, established and developed by Mr. Teider in 1989 based on his family fund and after 27 hard-working years represents today 42 financially independent successful companies and solid infrastructure for legal and financial services internationally.

Legal department is developed and constantly supervised personally by Mr. Teider as his first graduation was law and second degree is in history of economy. Mr. Teider’s family traditions of several generations of lawyers and judges (his mother) and his family library collected and saved from the time turbulences with over 6000 antique classic legal books in original (mostly 19th and 18th century) allows him to have the ground floor with red carpet for most of his legal and business projects.

Theoretical and scientific work of Mr. Teider and his colleagues today represents two books on final:
1. “Handling the post-traumatic syndromes of underage victims witnessing” is research in the field of victimology.
2. “The colors of lie, the smell of fear and the test of truth” is philosophical work to recognize the borders between the individuality as a fact and individualism as a factors.

The scientific work of Mr. Teider and his professional team of experts helps to understand, develop and operate subsidiaries successfully. Every year comes with couple of new ideas and projects, like there is preparations to launch in 2017 UATL® chemical lab of toxicological expertise (plastic materials).

Established back in 1989 Teider Law Firm is now riced into international structure where its partners are top lawyers and top law firms from USA (Klasko Law LLP, David F. Vedder P.A., R. Patrick Phillips P.A.), Brasil, China, Russia, Germany and UAE.

Immigration legal services is rapidly growing field today and subsidiaries in UATL® legal department serviced 5000+ visa and immigration clients in 2017.