Winston Churchill: the price of greatness is responsibility

UATL® corporation announced the forensic service available in 2016. However, the forensic services were done in-house as part of strategic infrastructure for decades since the day corporation established.

The very first available and mostly requested is forensic of questioned documents.

Handwriting originates in the brain when a mental picture of letters and words is formed.

Anyone find it difficult to simulate the handwriting of others. This process requires understanding the essence of the writer’s motor control program and executing a motor control program that yields a very similar result.

The forensic can help to find out the origin of signature at the document (power of attorney, testament, etc.)

However there is some rules to handle document before forensic and special instructor is available to give a short guideline how to deal with possible documents before evidences is recognized by experts.

UATL® QDF (Questioned Document Forensic) is here to identify or exclude an individual as the author of questioned writing.