We exist not to be loved but to love.
It is not the duty of others to love us.
It is our duty to be concerned about others.

UATL® corporation is considered as extremely efficient business structure.
UATL® corporation is built with the people for taking care of people, so it takes very carefully and seriously it’s social responsibility for it’s success.
The hard-working well educated and experienced professionals of corporation care and understands relation between business success and social responsibility.
To make the world better people do not need blame everything and everybody but to take a look at the mirror and care. So we do. 
UATL® corporation do its by part investing and sponsoring our resources for educational projects, grants and children programs primarily.
As part of the program of social responsibility UATL® corporation organizing every month social events in the facilities for disabled children’s with limited abilities and for elder people lost related and living alone. We do not publish materials or reports about those events in respect of people privacy and in believe of the charity don’t need to be used as commercial. However, anyone of our clients, partners or just someone who care is welcome to take part by calling or mailing social project manager Simona Neilander in Helsinki (+358 44 2585333, simona.neilander@uatl.fi).