Winston Churchill: the price of greatness is responsibility

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

subsidiaries is rated AAA
following ISO 9001
sponsored projects in 2017
clients serviced in 2017
Debt-Equity rate for all subsidiaries


1. Mr.Teider and partners established UATL® Corporation in 1989 as legal and business consulting company and so far established and purchased totally 42 active companies.

2. In 2002 Mr.Teider established corporative foundation to invest into hi-tech projects, IT-patents and start ups.
The target is four plus new projects annually.

3. To manage such amount of companies in different activity fields our Corporation established operational infrastructure. The Infrastructure divided subdivisions as full legal department, financial department, security department, IT department, technical department, transportation&logistics, aviation department, UATL® research&development.
Geography UATL® companies are located in the EU, Russia, Brazil, China and United States.

4. Since 2006 the strategy is oriented primarily in B2B and B2G areas.


1. The highest credit ranking AAA for the 29 of the companies owned by Corporation was officially recognized for the year 2015.

2. Memberships: Traditionally companies of the Corporation are members of professional organizations and unions, such as Bar Associations, Accountants Boards, Chambers of Commerce and Industry etc.

3. ISO 9001:2000 is the standard the Corporation is following since 2007 as it holds license for certification in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Russian Federation.

4. Philosophy: We are considered multiple times in brainstorms to express our strategy and philosophy in many ways and finally we just decided to make long story short with one simple aphorism:
All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.
This great man who says that was a man made a lot for his country and his name was Winston Churchill. The lucky one is the country have at least once in a time leader like him.


1. KETSUJIN Studios Ltd. was established at 2004 by UATL® Corporation’s IT-Team and sold at 2009 to Canada. The annual turnover with 30 IT engineers raised in 5 years from 25.000 usd to 4 mln with best possible dbt/eqty rate 0 to 1 and capitalisation of 65% of turnover.

2. PFA – Professional Fighters Agency for MMI fighters by WACO version and arganization of the private international MMI championship. Company successfully sold in 2012.

3. ECOshuttle – Ecological project, based on designing EPSKIT – Ecological Power Supply KIT.


1. The cooperation with school of science with AALTO University was established under supervision of research fellow, professor Timo Nyberg.

2. China Fortune Dragon Asia research center in Beijing Sergey Shilin.

3. Institute of Air and Space Law aerohelp under supervision Oleg Aksamentov in Russia.


1. Security and safety of personal, material values and information is provided by UATL® security department with constant training and active field monitoring strategy.

2. Technological stability of structures is supported by technological reinvestment strategy with primary assistance of the Technical and IT-departments. Communication as internal exchange of private information solved by operating Corporation’s own system, based on equipment from ZyXEL company.

3. IT department started operations with Corporation’s own supply service (ISP) from 2004, activated Corporation’s own SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) – server from 2005 and activated PBX – Private Branch Exchange (Corporation’s own videoconference and voice communication system) in 2006. From 2005 on a basis of existing partnership programs constant contract with Microsoft Company and the Research Institute was launched.

4. Ground transportation is provided by two logistic and one transportation company.

5. Air transportation is supported by aviation department, consisting of 6 small and mid-size airplanes based in USA. The parts warehouse was established at the same time the FLYKEY AVIATION PARTS company was started in 2016 in USA.

6. The internal patent services becаme available since 2006 with our patent lawyer Riho Viik as the corporation started to invest into patents.

7. R&D department with research Institute established in 2004 sponsored by internal corporative Fund of Development.


1. ISO 9001:2000 is the standard the Corporation is following since 2007 as it holds license for certification in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Russian Federation.

2. KETSUJIN Studios Ltd. was established at 2004 by UATL® Corporation’s IT-Team, developed to 2,2 mln EUR cash flow with 30 IT engineers and sold at 2009 to Canada.

3. PFA – professional fighter agency was established in 2008 and after rising 45 fighters in-house and sponsoring private MMI (WAKO) world championship in 2011 was successfully sold Netherlands.