Winston Churchill: the price of greatness is responsibility

UATL® Avia since 2005 provides vulnerable secured air cargo services with armed and licensed security officers.
Conditional airplane lease by request for qualified customer is also available.

Additional services:
Fuel management,
Airport ground services,
Full house licensed maintenance,
Special transportation management,
Special air charter brokerage services.

UATL® Avia operate form five fully equipped, certified and licensed locations to operate from:

  1. USA, Florida,
  2. USA, Indiana,
  3. Brazil (Campinas),
  4. Ireland (Sligo),
  5. Finland (Helsinki).

Security side of all operations provided by security department of UATL® Corporation and based on fully licensed B.I.G. agency (est.1994) with mr. K. Teider and mr C.Dierlamb on board.

UATL® Avia owns and operates airplanes as follow:

  1. Cessna 172 – 750km range, secured payload 180 kg.
  2. 2 x Cessna 182RG – 1100 km range, secured payload 250kg.
  3. Cessna 210 – 1500 km range, secured payload 300kg.
  4. Cessna 337 – 1100 km range, sensitive secured payload 350kg.
  5. Embraer Phenom 100 – 2200 km range, secured payload 600kg
  6. Dassault Falcon 50 – 5700 km range, secured payload 1080 kg

Vulnerable air cargo services description:

Art pieces, jewelry, altitude sensitive calibrated equipment, commercial samples, medical deliveries to special locations are every-day essentials of our life.

Although one can hardly imagine that transporting this vulnerable type of cargo is an exceptional process, requiring high level of expertise, attention, and strict compliance with all industry safety and security regulations.

These items are sensitive to theft or pilferage and need heightened awareness to reach final consumers unscathed.

All shipments are special to us, but some require very special handling.
From artwork to jewelry and beyond, we handle valuable cargo with absolute discretion and confidentiality to ensure it will rich the destination safely and in time.