Winston Churchill: the price of greatness is responsibility
If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it.


You have a good idea? You want to run your own business with your idea enjoing professional partnership? You believe your mission is to be a leader of creative project?

Here is the solution. We have everything you need, the money, the space and the great team of experienced professionals, so step in and start doing something. We help you to focus on your strategy, with keeping the creativity as a flag! We help at every step from concept to success.
Ok, now you decided what to do and you are looking how to do, or how to start?
Here is step-by-step advisory for you:
Fill out your project details. Express yourself. You are encouraged to describe everything in great detail, as there will be the board of experts carefully and confidentially reviewing everything and determining the reasons to accept your project and to get you in.

You can get any assistance, support and detailed instructions to approach the next step contacting senior project manager Vladislava Budianenko via e-mail

Send to us detailed describing information of your idea, project, business.
Required information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Country
  3. Describe yourself or send CV
  4. Desribe your Idea
  5. Main goal
  6. What already done
  7. What you plan to do
  8. Send Business Plan (is applicable)

Please send information to our Project Manager Vladislava Budianenko, e-mail:


The experts carefully review all materials. Additional request or invitation for presentation can be there if needed. After this part is cleared there is time for calculations of investments, resources and time needed for your idea or project.


When Your Idea or Project is accepted, we invite you to negotiate conditions. When conditions is set up and formalities is done the time for hard work and way to success with our personal welcome to you on board.